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What Christian, after all, could forget the story of Jesus flipping tables in the Temple? The trick with protesting as a Christian, however, is to be sure to protest in the right way for the right ...read more


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Muslim Marriage: Beliefs, Rules & Customs ...read more


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The Islamic calendar (Arabic: ٱلتَّقْوِيم ٱلْهِجْرِيّ ‎ at-taqwīm al-hijrīy), also known as the Hijri, Lunar Hijri, Muslim or Arabic calendar, is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 lunar months in a year of 354 or 355 days. It is used to determine the proper days of Islamic holidays and rituals, such as the annual period of fasting and the proper time for the Hajj. ...read more


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1/6/2018 · Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, with about 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. Although its roots go back further, scholars typically date the creation of Islam to ...read more


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10/14/2001 · Christian eschatology, a major branch of study within Christian theology, deals with "last things".Such eschatology – the word derives from two Greek roots meaning "last" (ἔσχατος) and "study" (-λογία) – involves the study of "end things", whether of the end of an individual life, of the end of the age, of the end of the world or of the nature of the Kingdom of God. ...read more


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Early Christian, or Paleochristian, art was produced by Christians or under Christian patronage from the earliest period of Christianity to between 260 and 525. The lack of surviving Christian art from the first century could be due to a lack of artists in the community, a lack of funds, or a small audience. ...read more


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6/5/2018 · In London, the new mayor (Editor: Sadiq Khan, the son of Muslim Pakistanis) took his oath of office in a cathedral and will undoubtedly meet the queen. ...read more


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Yes, they will! Your dating patterns and the things you do will greatly affect the quality of your future life. You are sowing seeds of future success or failure in your dating years. Let us consider some of the dangers in dating. Dating can lead to broken hearts. A large part of dating is flirting. Flirting is acting like you love someone. ...read more


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Interfaith marriages between Muslim women and Christian or Jewish men seem to be happening more and more often. If you live in the West, India or perhaps Turkey or Tunisia, you can certainly marry your Muslim girlfriend without either of you being required to convert. In some Muslim-majority countries such a marriage may place you both in some personal danger. ...read more


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9/29/2014 · September 29, 2014. by. Joshua Rogers. Nabeel Qureshi grew up as a devout Muslim. However, in His attempts to prove Christianity wrong, He ended up entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Nabeel Qureshi was raised in a Pakistani-American family and grew up a devout Muslim. While he was in medical school, he read the Bible for research in ...read more


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Islam allows Muslim men to marry Christian women, period. It does not allow a Christian man to marry a Muslim woman. So Islam’s alleged "openness" and tolerance" and "non-discrimination" is a one-way street. Men are in control. It may be true that individual Muslim men … ...read more


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The faith shouldn't be a derogatory label. Kaepernick gracefully responded to the rumor on Wednesday, saying to USA Today, “I have great respect for the religion, know a lot of people that are Muslim and are phenomenal people. But I think that [rumor] comes along with people’s fear of this protest, as well as Islamophobia in this country. ...read more


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It claims that the Arab peoples are the direct descendant of Ishmael. Muslims agree that this is true. They believe that the promised son of Abraham in Genesis is actually Ishmael, not Isaac. They claim that Abraham traveled to Mecca with Ishmael and worshipped … ...read more


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7/22/2019 · Faithful Christian discipleship cannot avoid temptation, but it strives to resist and master it with God’s help. Doing so is not sin, but obedience and dependence upon Christ. Many are indeed same-sex attracted, but live obediently within a Christian sexual ethic. It can be difficult, as it is for heterosexuals who are required to live in ...read more


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12/11/2015 · Even if you never met before you started dating, she probably knows at least two people in your life. It's called Jewish geography and it's the world's greatest ice breaker. It's a result of years ...read more


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Our matching method leverages over 29 Dimensions of Compatibility that narrow the field of single women in Herndon to a free pool of highly suitable singles with personalities and groups that are right for you. Dating in Herndon is easier than ever thanks to the millions of registered users on eHarmony. ...read more



4/20/2017 · Dating is still linked to its Western origins, which implies underlying expectations of sexual interactions — if not an outright premarital sexual relationship — which Islamic texts prohibit. ...read more


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8/30/2010 · Not many Muslim cultures support the concept of dating, in the first place. And in those that do, many Muslim family members would not generally support a Muslim dating or marrying a non-Muslim. However, in some places (especially in secular or urban areas) this does occasionally happen. ...read more


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Dating & Marriage, Men & Women. Islam: One cannot date. Marriages are arranged. Polygamy is allowed. Christianity: Dating is allowed. Marriages are never arranged. Polygamy is not allowed. Islam: Women must cover up and wear the hijab. Christianity: Women should dress modestly. No special clothes are necessary. ...read more


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Modern Muslim relationships rules require you to date a person for as long as you need. So wait until you are ready to take the next step and propose. Those Muslims who live in the UK, USA, and Europe go on dates, hold hands, kiss, and hug in public places. When dating Muslim women, take your time and develop your relationship slowly. ...read more


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9/1/2013 · Differences between Muslim, Jewish and Christian interpretations of God are due to errors that crept into the other two faiths, Islam teaches. The Muslim God, like the other two, initially demanded that Abraham sacrifice a son. But the Muslim God wanted Abraham’s son Ishmael, not Isaac, who Jewish tradition holds was offered as a the sacrifice. ...read more


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1/6/2015 · Most of the world’s Christians—as well as many non-believers—celebrated the birth of Jesus on December 25. Members of the Egyptian Coptic, Ethiopian, most Slavic Orthodox, and Georgian Orthodox churches, with some Greek Orthodox faithful, will mark the festival on January 7. The fourteen-day difference reflects the retention by certain Orthodox congregations of the Julian calendar, which ...read more


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A true loving friend and partner in a daily life and an enigmatic mistress in bed. I will wrap you with tenderness, love, respect and comfort. You want to experience more of what I can give in relations, … ...read more


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Michael Boulos has a brother named Fares who is an actor and rapper who performs under the stage name Farastafari. Michael Boulos attended an elite international school in Nigeria, but later moved to London, England to study Management Finance and Risk at City, University of London. ...read more